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There's a little magic in every photo...


A single picture can tell an entire story. One frozen moment encapsulating so much... love, happiness, celebration, life, dreams.


My name is Brianna Roberts and I have been professionally photographing for over a decade. I have loved photography since I was a child--the idea that I could literally capture a moment that could last forever felt magical to me. And so my journey began. My love of the mystical is reflected in my name, Pixel Dust Photography, and you can see that theme in my photos (especially if you view my early photography from childhood or Woodland Faeries Series).


Let me capture the magic in your story. 


Keeping my rates affordable is important to me. As an actor myself, I know stretching your dollars can often be difficult. I set a standard early in my photography career that I will never charge more than I am willing and able to pay myself.

​I serve the DFW area. So send me a message, tell me your story, and let me help capture those magical moments forever.

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